Greetings from the cusp of Winter!

This is the latest from your well loved Compassion Machine. We have been busy travelling from coast to coast, visiting our hometown Victoria B.C and touring Eastern Canada with Canada’s Most Authentic Pink Floyd Tribute Act, PIGS. Char was brought on to sing back ups and the notorious ‘Great Gig in the Sky’ for the band. At first just tagging along for the good times, I was later brought on as stage and tour manager. Now with a whole new appreciation for life on the road, we’re back at home with our feet up, casually sipping egg nog by the fire…

Well, not quite.

More like we hit the ground running, and we might have spilled a little rum n’ nog on our favourite sweaters. That’s a little more accurate.


Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 4.10.41 PM.png

Since returning from the PIGS tour we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our two singles, including shooting a music video. Mastering has been an eye-opening experience. For those who don’t know, mastering is the last part of the recording process where you are putting the finishing touches on a song. We’ve been lucky enough to sit in with the mastering engineer, who has showed us a new perspective on the ins and outs of our sonic love affair with music. After all, a song could be great, but if it is poorly engineered, few would take the time to dig in. Many a mixes have been ruined by shoddy mastering. On the other hand, its amazing to see the song become even more alive – and we loved it already!

"So much to learn,” I would have yelled over the thumping studio monitors had I not been so busy thrashing wildly.

Then there was the video shoot. After only 4 meetings with independent film maker/ director Anubhav Singh, we spent 13 hours one Sunday in an ambitious shoot to bring life to our film-noir inspired music video. The crew were absolutely amazing. Make-up, hair, costume, director of photography, lighting, camera assistant, and stage craft – everybody pulled together over a couple trays of sandwiches and pizza and made it happen. Not to mention a few of our friends who showed up as extras. Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo or two.

It was an intense shoot. We did what the music required us to do. Look for it in the New Year along with the release of our first single, ‘Link In The Chain.’

That’s it for now.

Run, run rudolph – Christmas party gigs abound!