We’ve been up to no good. Writing, recording, and going down a little deeper into the music industry rabbit hole…

The next twist in our tale started when we played Indie Night at the Linsmore Tavern about a month ago. It was a great show for us: we unveiled a bunch of new songs and played loud, all original rock. It was a nice change of pace from our usual hotel circuit.

We finished the show with an encore, a few new fans and a bouquet of friendly faces. Much to our joy, former drummer for the Headstones and local east-ender Dale Harrison came to the show and had a blast. Chatting after, he said he dug what we had going on and offered to record us at his home. One song to start, and maybe more depending on how well we work together. We thought, “Hey, that sounds pretty cool.”

True to his word, we were soon standing on Dale’s doorstep, gear in hand, ready to rock.

“Who is it?” bellowed a deep, Wizard of Oz like voice. As we would come to realize, he’s a man of many talents not limited to being an amazing producer, session drummer, and songwriter – he can also recite a ton of movie references, sound effects and voices. I’ve never heard a more realistic dog bark made by a man.


For those who haven’t been in a recording environment before, it can be exhilarating watching your songs come to life through the playback, but it can also be pain staking as you grind your fingers and souls in search of ‘the perfect take.’ Humour goes a long, long way when you’re busy getting in the zone, which is part of the reason it’s been such a pleasure working with Dale – apart from making leaps and bounds in our songwriting, we’ve also been hard at work laughing our asses off.

Like when it’s 1AM and on the tale end of a 10 hour mixing session, the group decides that what the song really needs is some shaker. I, for the record, love to play the drums, but percussion is truly an art unto itself. You’d think that shaking a little egg full of beans to the beat would be easy, but you might think again when you try. I’m not sure if it was easier having Dale staring at me with ping-pong balls over his eyes, wiggling his fingers and tongue looking like some Japanese-style demon, but it was definitely less annoying.

After only a few sessions of recording, mixing and just getting to know each other, our sessions with Dale have so far been fruitful. With two new singles recorded and nearly ready to roll, we’re feeling really great about where things are headed. We’re not exactly sure where that is just yet, but we know one thing:

that shaker really did bring the song together.