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Compassion Machine is a hard rock duo consisting of guitarist/lead vocalist Charlene Birkbeck and drummer/vocalist Lucas McKinnon. Featuring raucous guitar, visceral vocals and hard-hitting drums, this group is carving out their sonic space in the modern era. Leaving their hometown of Victoria B.C. in the summer of 2017, they toured across Canada and spent a year in Toronto where they met producer/musician Dale Harrison (Headstones, Alannah Myles). Together they are recording Compassion Machine’s first full-length album which is to be released and toured in Summer 2018. Compassion Machine currently calls Victoria, BC home and maintains a regular presence in Toronto.

Previous releases include a short self-titled E.P (2017) and a full-length demo titled ‘Depths Unknown’ (2016). Compassion Machine has released two singles with music videos, 'Link In The Chain' and 'Do What You Want,' in anticipation of their 2018 release.

Compassion Machine has toured across Canada several times. After spending a year writing new material and actively showcasing in the Greater Toronto Area, they are back on the West Coast where they continue to flourish as a mesmerizing hard rock act. 


Vocals, Guitar / Charlene Birkbeck
Drums, Vocals / Lucas McKinnon


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